Here at Cornerstone Stud we love to invest beside our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the industry, or a veteran of many years, there are always opportunities on offer at Cornerstone Stud. Below are just a few of what we currently have available. If anything spikes your interest, contact us via email or phone.

Stallion Breeding Rights

Are you looking to invest in the future of your mare/s? If that is the case then a breeding right might be a smart investment for you. For more information contact us via email or phone to find out more information.

Broodmare Packages

We would like to invite partners to take an interest in a package of 7 to 12 mares depending on the year, most of which would be in foal at the time of purchase.

As per any investment portfolio theory the advantage of this package is that we are spreading our risk across a large number of mares. The other benefit is that by investing alongside Cornerstone Stud, who will hold between 15% to 25% of each package, our partners will get access to the best deals on service fees across our roster of stallions.

Our team will provide regular updates on all our stock and we can share in the excitement of selling upwards of 12 weanlings / yearlings each year.

Our intention is to hold these mares for three to five years trading out any mares that prove uncommercial or for an appropriate profit.