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New to Breeding?

Common Terms and Definitions

Agistment Keeping and feeding horses on a landholder’s property for a fee.
Black Type Performer Black type performers are horses that win or are placed in stakes races (Listed, Group 3, Group 2 and Group 1). They are called black type races as by winning these races the horse’s names are bolded in “black type” in the pedigree pages. Upper case for winners and lower case for placegetters (second and third).
Bloodstock Collectively, horses that have been bred for racing
Book One Most premium grade horses at a given auction with the highest reserves
Broodmare A mare used for breeding
Broodmare band A collective of mares owned by a one individual/group used for the purposes of breeding.
Colt A male horse when born up to the age of 3
Filly Female horse, three years and under
Foal A young horse, male or female
Foal Crop Collectively, the number of foals born each season.
Group One Highest level of thoroughbred racing featuring the most elite racehorses
Group/Listed Races Group and Listed Races are those considered by the Australian Racing Board to reflect the highest standard of racing for races run in Australia. They are published in the schedule of races described as “Group and Listed Races” by the Australian Racing Board. Group 1 races are the highest class race in Australia, followed by Group 2, Group 3 and Listed races. Group 1 races attract elite horses internationally and offer the highest prizemoney
Mare Female horse, three years and over
Mares/Stallions Returned Breeders need to register their newborn foals with the Australian Stud Book each year and in doing so this updates each mare’s/stallion’s records. In order to calculate live foals and mares’/stallion’s records all mares and stallions have to have their paperwork “returned” to the Australian Stud Book for each season (regardless of whether they had a foal or not).
Progeny Offspring
Spelling Racehorse A racehorse that is not currently being trained, however will return to training at some point in the future.
Stakes Race A race of higher quality that attracts better horses and offers much more prizemoney than a normal race and is generally a black type race such as a Listed or Group race.
Stallion An adult male horse, three years and over which is suitable for breeding
Stallion roster The stallions that a stud farm is currently standing. This usually includes the advertised price for each stallion.
Stallion Share A percentage ownership in a stallion, generally held in a syndicate of 40-80 shareholders. Each unit generally provides its owner with 2 breeding rights to the stallion each season.
Standing at Stud Refers to the location at which a Stallion is kept. When matings are arranged each season, mares will be delivered to the relevant Stud at which the Stallion is kept for mating.
Thoroughbred A horse of a pure breed or pedigree with a strong lineage used for racing
Weanlings A young horse that has been weaned from its mother. Generally 6 months to 1 year of age.
Yearlings A young horse once it reaches 1 year of age