Its so difficult isn’t it?

It’s so difficult, isn’t it? To see what’s going on when you’re right in the middle of something? It’s only with hindsight that we can see things for what they really are…..

As active investors in our industry, the onset of COVID-19 would have had you looking to past financial depressions to gain try and gain an insight into what the future of Australian Bloodstock Industry may look like. However, we at Cornerstone would like you to a utilise some sireline hindsight to help with your future matings and to give you that financial relief in 2023.

DANEHILL arrived on Australian shores in 1990 and covered 72 mares for 52 live Foals. Importantly for the evolution of Australian racing, that first crop produced DANZERO, DANEWIN and DANASINGA and duly ignited a pre-potent sireline and a sire of the ages that made a lot of stud farm hugely affluent.

Roll forward the clock to 2003 and INVINCIBLE SPIRIT stepped meekly into the Victorian Sire Ranks and off a lowly introductory fee of $13,200 produced a mere 31 live foals, from which a fresh new sireline phenomenon was to arise through the mighty I AM INVINCIBLE.

During this intoxicating evolution of the thoroughbred, many a breeding powerhouse has tried to commercially dictate what the next “pre-potent” sireline will be, but ultimately Mother Nature will not be told!

However, it is clear that “from small acorns, do big oaks grow” and the imported blood of SIR PRANCEALOT is something that might help clarify a clouded COVID mind! Because it is clear, that a proper stallion will rise irrespective of the number or quality of mares he receives!

SIR PRANCEALOT is fresh blood and like DANEHILL before him, was sourced to compliment the existing population of broodmares. However, the difference is that we do have an insight into what SIR PRANCEALOT can do off a lowly service fee;

SIR BUSKER winning at Royal Ascot as a 4yo carrying 62kg over the testing 1600m, LADY PRANCEALOT dominating the Grade 1 Santa Anita Oaks or SIR DANCEALOT smashing the Goodwood clock in the Group 2 Lennox Stakes and BEAU RECALL landing the Grade 2 turf mile in the race before ’19 Kentucky Derby.

“It’s only with hindsight that we can see things for what they really are.”

SIR PRANCEALOT may only have a mere 41 Southern Hemisphere rising 2yo’s. But they are in the select hands of Tony McEvoy, Gai Waterhouse and Gordon Richards and a good stallion will be a good stallion regardless of numbers. So with this in mind, now is your chance to invest in a stallion that might get you a proper financial return!

Consider the following sires who have recently sold their respective 4th crops;

Sire 1st Season Service

1st Crop Yearling Average

4th Season Service

4th Crop Yearling Average

ZOUSTAR $44,000 $180,000 $44,000 $205,000 (+13%)
DUNDEEL $27,500 $130,000 $27,500 $175,000 (+26%)
AKEED MOFEED $16,500 $30,750 $16,500 $47,150 (+35%)
So if you would like to replicate similar ringside success in 2023 and ride off the back of a stallion that has already proven his pre-potency overseas and might, just might be the next pre-potent sireline, please phone one of the Sam’s on 08 8561 0000 and mention the #hindsight Press Release before July 1 to get a 30% discount on the advertised price of $9,900

Please phone Sam Hayes (0438 767 227) or Sam Pritchard-Gordon (0430 309 428) to organise your tour of the Cornerstone Stallions.