Ambidexter Standing Tall

AMBIDEXTER stands tall for South Australia with a level of consistency that most Hunter Valley Stallions can only wish for. 

FROM only a small first crop of foals from his debut crop in 2014, AMBIDEXTER has produced 24 runners and 17 individual winners of a staggering 60 individual races. Not only that, his 3 individual Stakes Performers gave those that supported him a whopping 12.5% chance of getting a Stakes quality galloper once racing.

BLASTOISE delivered Ambidexter with his 1st Hong Kong winner from his 1st horse exported to that jurisdiction, while Frankie Lor has WINNERS HEART ready to debut shortly. Should Ambidexter provide Hong Kong with the consistency that he has shown in the South Australia racing circuit, it is only feasible to export a steady stream of his progeny being sought after for a career overseas.


….so is it any wonder his foals are consistently head and shoulders above their contemporaries? Size, substance, bone and the ability to consistently upgrade his mares for only $5,500……

November & December coverings mean nothing when you are cheering home another AMBIDEXTER winner, that keeps on winning!

I strongly urge those breeders that are contemplating breeding a mare this season to get in touch with our office. AMBIDEXTER is advertised at $5500, but we in the business of promoting our South Australian Industry and we will certainly be discounting for the right mare and the right client.” Said Sam Hayes “Please call either myself or Sam PG on 0430 309 428 to discuss a gameplan for November & December options“.