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2018 Foal Gallery

The Barossa Valley has produced countless winners and champions over the years. Now you can see the next generation below.

Sir Prancealot – Faking Colt
Flying Artie – Exceleine Colt
Sir Prancealot – Boat Quay Filly
Zebedee – Vee Colt
Flying Artie – Shemakhan Filly
Free Eagle – Life In A Day Filly
Territories – Margherita Filly
Sir Prancealot – Grace Filly
Free Eagle – Secret Wand Filly
Sir Prancealot – Rosebrook Colt
Starcraft – Villa Lante Filly
Sir Prancealot – Serpentine Colt
Zebedee – Stratifies Colt
Temple City – Narragansett Bay Filly
Barbados – Sareeb Filly
Good Journey – Sistine Spirit Filly
Free Eagle – Bleu Jeune Filly
Free Eagle – Crazy Deputy Colt
Free Eagle – Star In The East Filly
Free Eagle – Gazella Filly
Zebedee – Rechichi Filly
Good Journey – Gilt Edge Colt
Sir Prancealot – Violet Fluture Colt
Sir Prancealot – Song Of Gold Colt
Sir Prancealot – God’s Child Colt
Sir Prancealot – Marin County Filly
Sir Prancealot – Native Rhythm Colt